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The foundations of the present University of Khartoum were laid as far back as 1898 when Lord Kitchener issued an appeal for donations in order to build a college in memory of General Gordon. Following the recommendations of the war commission on education July 1937, the college became a centre of higher education by 1940 including within its context the School of Engineering.


In 1939, the School of Engineering was established as a post secondary college offering a five year course leading to Diploma in Engineering Science, prior to that year, engineering technical education was confined to the secondary section of Gordon College which provided elementary training in building construction surveying and applied mechanics.


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Our History For Faculty of Engineering

In 1964, and due to the industrial development in the country, the Chemical Engineering Department was established within the Faculty. The first group of Chemical Engineers were graduated in 1968.

While the syllabus and curricular were being reviewed in 1965/66 specialization was brought earlier so that after the two years in the Faculty of Science the student spent only one year in the common Engineering class followed by three years in the specialized department of his/ her choice. This arrangement started with the July 1966 intake to Engineering.

A period of consolidation of increased facilities and developments outlined above then followed until the time came when the University Senate saw it desirable to reduce the total number of years of study from six to five. The decision was mainly due to the reduction of one year training at Atbara. The increased facilities and rearrangement of syllabuses enabled spending one year only in the Faculty of Science followed by four years in the Faculty of Engineering. Thus, starting with double intake to Engineering in July 1968 from both preliminary and intermediate Science the Engineering Departments have fallen in line with other Faculties of similar nature.